Chris Vaughan Fund Analyst

Chris has worked in financial services for the past 10 years in the Midlands and London in stockbrokers, DFMs and IFAs all with a focus on portfolio and investment management.  He has passed the first two levels of the CFA programme and is working on the third level.  He also holds the Investment Management Certificate and the Investment Advice Diploma.


Active or passive?

Both have a place within a portfolio but for me active.  Active investment is what makes markets interesting and function well and will always be a part of financial markets.  This also all dependent on finding the right active manager.

Who is your favourite fund manager?

James Anderson of Baillie Gifford.  Although he’s now retiring, he has shown that it’s possible to make some spectacular returns if you invest with conviction, for the long-term, after some thorough research.

What sector do you find the most interesting?

Emerging markets.  It covers such a broad geographical area with each country coming with their own complexities regarding governance, policy and regulation.  However, this presents a wealth of possibilities and opportunities.

What do you enjoy about working in financial services?

Financial services is all about helping people to get to where they need to go.  It’s all about helping people make good, consistent decisions and not being driven by emotion.

What book should everybody read in their lifetime?

Red Notice by Bill Browder.  This tells the story of Bill Browder’s work running an investment fund in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  It reads like a thriller and gives an insight into what political corruption can look like in extreme situations.

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