David Williams Investment Analyst
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David joined the industry after graduating from University in 2015 with a First Class Honours Degree. He started as a paraplanner role for an IFA, and quickly discovered he had a passion for investments, which is where he chose to specialise. In 2019 David joined Asset Intelligence as an Investment Analyst.

Which famous person would you most like to swap places with for the day?

Lewis Hamilton, a sportsman who is truly on the top of his field. I admire his dedication to his chosen craft, and the level of focus, determination and skill required to achieve what he has achieved is extraordinary. Driving around in an F1 car at 200 miles per hour must also be an incredible experience!

Active or passive?

I believe both active and passive strategies have their place in portfolios. However, I prefer active management as I believe this gives investors the chance to uncover additional growth opportunities which may not be fully represented within the broader index. Active management also provides the ability to mitigate specific risks which may not be possible through passive investing, for example avoiding stocks or sectors with unfavourable valuations or characteristics.

Who is your favourite fund manager?

Douglas Brodie, fund manager of Baillie Gifford Global Discovery & Edinburgh Worldwide IT. These funds invest in small companies from around the world which have excellent long-term growth prospects. The philosophy of finding innovative and dynamic small and often unknown companies and holding these companies as they grow in size, value and reputation is a particularly exciting strategy, and can also offer potentially very exciting returns.

What sector do you find the most interesting?

The future of the Japanese economy is one of the most intriguing within the developed world as the country struggles to manage both an ageing and a declining population. How Japan faces these issues will be of particular interest for many other developed countries, including the UK, which will most likely also face similar challenges in the future. As the country searches for the solutions to these economic and demographic challenges, potentially very rewarding opportunities for forward looking and innovative companies have been created.

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