Kel Nwanuforo Investment Specialist
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Kel is Investment Specialist at Asset Intelligence and a key member of the team. His primary responsibilities include producing investment communications and providing macroeconomic insight for tactical asset allocation decisions.

He is particularly passionate about boosting people’s engagement with the financial world around them. He is always keen to talk about what is going on in economies, markets and politics in as accessible a manner as possible.

Kel has a degree in Land Economy from the University of Cambridge and holds the Certificate in Discretionary Management qualification. He has eleven years’ experience in the investment sector.

Outside of investment, Kel is highly likely to be keeping fit, watching a sitcom he can already quote line-for-line or be engrossed in some aspect of current affairs or car culture at a completely abnormal level of detail.

Which famous person would you most like to swap places with for the day?

Top Gear’s Chris Harris gets to do some pretty cool things. I would be more than happy to spend a day taking part in drag races, crossing continents in exotic machinery and attacking corners in an array of hot hatches!

What book should everybody read in their lifetime?

1984 by George Orwell. This must surely be one of the most gripping works ever written. The depth of imagination on display in the book’s hopeless dystopia is remarkable. I could scarcely put it down.

Active or passive?

Active, on balance. I think holding passives for a portion of a portfolio is appropriate for most investors. However, I believe that a number of fund managers and strategies have demonstrated a genuine ability to outperform over market cycles. Indeed, my own SIPP is invested in both passive and active strategies with a bias towards the latter.

Who is your favourite fund manager?

John Pattullo and Jenna Barnard have been admirably willing to question market consensus. Rather than relying on received wisdom, they have read widely and kept up with the latest academic thinking in their field. This has made an appreciable, positive difference to investment outcomes in recent years.

What sector do you find the most interesting?

The dynamics of the global sovereign bond market are fascinating. A lot of the conventional thinking about how they work does not stand up to scrutiny in the real world. I am pleased that academic interest in fiscal policy in this context is clearly growing.

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