Scott Hornsby Trainee Analyst
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Active or passive?

Idealistically a blend of the two is preferable. However, if I had to choose, it would be active. I believe there are many fund managers with active strategies that are capable of long-term outperformance of their benchmark. Additionally, just settling for the benchmark is not in my nature.


Which famous person would you most like to swap places with for the day?

Cristano Ronaldo, as a keen footballer I would love to experience his ability with the ball. However, the main reason I would choose him would be to gain insight on mentality. His drive and resilience in my opinion is the best of any sportsperson, which is something I would love to learn from.


What do you enjoy about working in financial services?

I enjoy working in financial services as I know all our work is going to a good cause. For example, helping retail investors achieve their savings goals, providing and recommending ethical investment solutions or making the difference to businesses with investment into smaller company funds. Additionally, I have met such a wide range of great people in my short time in the industry, this creates a great environment to work in.

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