Tony Mee Chief Investment Officer
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Tony’s role is to develop and maintain a world-class investment management proposition and process. Using his years of experience in managing teams and investments, he works with clients to enable them to achieve their financial targets.

Previously Head of Portfolio Construction at Barclays, Tony was responsible for the development and maintenance of the Barclays £11 billion discretionary investment framework. He joined Asset Intelligence because of the company’s ambitious goals and vision of the type of ethical service that they wanted to offer.

Active or passive?

Neither. My first instinct is to think passively to ensure that our benchmarks are matched and covered, however, I do believe that are a few exceptional high-quality active managers who have the ability to manage their active risk and develop active returns which are worthy of paying active fees for.

Who is your favourite fund manager?

I have two because I think managing bonds and managing equities are very different activities. In equity, I like Nick Train of Lindsell Train, he deep down is a value manager but understands global brands as well as anyone in the market and utilises this special knowledge to make money. On the bonds side Richard Woolnough of M&G. I would say Richard is a fiercely pragmatic manager, he tends to get the really big calls right that make all the difference over a three to five-year time period.

What sector do you find the most interesting?

I don’t have any favourites as I don’t get emotionally involved. All sectors and assets get opportunities, so I just look for them as they appear. You have got to remain emotionless and make decisions based on the facts rather than feelings or emotions.

Which famous person would you most like to swap places with for the day?

I would have loved to have walked in Nelson Mandela’s shoes for one day. In terms of human equality, he did more in his lifetime than most people who have lived. He lived a difficult life but took big decisions and reached out to his enemies. An extraordinary human.

What do you enjoy about working in financial services?

The people. I love working with the people I work with day to day who all have the same ambition, which is to leave clients in a better position than they were at the beginning of the day.

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